• Behavioural Assessment

    Behavioural Assessment

    Gone are the days when companies would base their hiring decisions solely on the educational qualifications and work experience of the candidates. The job market, work culture at organizations and the skill requirements to fit a job role have undergone a sea change.

    In addition to the educational and technical knowledge, a candidate also needs to possess the right attitude, ability to solve problems, adaptability to fit in the company’s culture and the drive to ultimately succeed in the position.

    The traditional assessment practises that include phone screening and/or face-to-face interview make it quite difficult for the recruiters to assess the qualities mentioned earlier.

    Considering the time and effort that goes into the hiring process, it is very important that right candidates are selected. Employee retention too is a major issue faced by organizations these days. A wrong selection proves to be an expensive affair monetarily as well as in terms of missed opportunities, lost time and many other factors.

    In such a scenario, personality assessments may prove to be a boon for the recruiters. They are the right tools that will make the entire selection process efficient while delivering the desired results. They can almost accurately analyse the personality traits of the candidates; these assessments make it a cakewalk to decide the candidates’ suitability for the roles they will be hired for.

    This same method used in the work environment is now applied in day to day life to almost guarantee the success of “hiring” in the domestic environment we live in.