Dr Anelia Dimitrova

Dr Anelia Dimitrova

Homeopath at feeling to healing clinic

Trained Classical Homeopath

Languages Spoken: English

Dedicated to the Art of Homeopathy at Feeling to Healing Psychology Clinic

Anelia, a proficient and accomplished Homeopath, is committed to aiding individuals in attaining and sustaining their optimal well-being. With a profound belief in the transformative power of Homeopathy, she champions its ability to effect substantial positive changes in people’s lives.

Central to her practice is the pursuit of identifying the root cause of ailments, facilitating a holistic and enduring remedy. Anelia’s expertise lies in skillfully weaving together each patient’s unique narrative, culminating in the identification of the most effective remedy to support their healing journey. Homeopathy, as she sees it, embodies a scientific discipline that is both foundational and intricate, a testament to the advancements of our era.

Anelia’s academic foundation was nurtured at the esteemed International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, under the tutelage of Professor Vithoulkas, a globally acclaimed authority credited with revitalizing Classical Homeopathy in contemporary times.

Mindful of the profound impact of psychological and emotional states on health, Anelia prioritizes a comprehensive understanding of her patients’ mental and emotional landscapes, fostering a responsive and empathetic therapeutic relationship.

Understanding the pivotal role of uncovering the core issues, Anelia emphasizes the crucial initial step in comprehending the intricate factors influencing one’s health.

Drawing upon her personal exploration of familial dynamics, Anelia appreciates the profound implications of such relationships on our well-being. Leveraging her own experiences alongside insights gleaned from her patients, she adeptly guides individuals through the tumultuous terrain of emotional trials. With compassionate support and tailored remedies, she facilitates the healing of these challenging experiences, empowering individuals to transcend obstacles and realize their utmost potential.