Compatibility Tests For Success

Compatibility Tests For Success

Opposites Attract? Maybe Not!

We all heard the phrase opposite attracts at one point or another in our lives.

But what it means to be compatible in a relationship. Compatibility is much larger than just getting along with a significant other.

It’s more about knowing that your significant other has the same worldview as you have.

Many compatibility tests have been designed to assess if two persons are compatible for each other or not.

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Compatibility Tests in a Relationship

When you meet a person for the first time, you start to get to know him or her by knowing their world views and sharing experiences with each other.

You might also take a compatibility test to know about your relationship. With the passage of time, you might find out that either the other person is very much like you or is nothing like you at all.

If a person is like you, it means that you both are compatible with each other.

If the other person is much different from you, you both may or may not be compatible.

What is Compatibility Anyway?

Compatibility means genuinely accepting your significant other.

In this acceptance comes the acceptance of their life goals, philosophies and personality.

Despite being different a person enjoys another person’s company without having a need to change another person.

In a compatible relation, each of them struggles to meet the relational needs of others.

They might be drastically different from each other, but they do agree on a few core values on which they both want to build their lives.

Difference between compatibility and chemistry:

It is not necessary that both compatibility and chemistry are present in the relationship.

It is quite common that in the initial sexual tension and attractiveness people miss the incompatible traits and when the honeymoon period is over they tend to break up because of lack of compatibility.

On the other hand, it is not necessary that compatible relationships have chemistry in the initial phase.

It may or may not be present in the initial phase but it definitely fade away with the passing of time while compatibility lasts forever.

Importance of compatibility Tests

Most of the time people select an individual for wrong reasons.

We often develop such psychological defenses based on the environment we grow up in. But these psychological defenses can limit us in our adult relationship leading towards incompatible relationships.

Unconsciously we select a person who treats us like we have been treated in our childhood.

In the start, those traits might seem alluring as they let us opt for the position that we have been in during our childhood but later on, those traits can become annoying.

If a person is connected with another individual on the basis of those unhealthy traits, then the traits which were appealing first can become repelling later on making the relationship toxic.

Don’t leave it to chance, and minimize the chances of failure, by knowing your partner better.