Five Depression Tackling Strategies

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It’s important to try a number of proven self-help methods in order to overcome depression. Some good strategies include exercising, getting enough sleep, creating social connections, and spending time outside.

Depression is a debilitating mental health condition that causes feelings of sadness and hopelessness. People often require counseling, medication or a combination of the two to manage their depression.  Self-help strategies can also be helpful in reducing symptoms and improving day-to-day function in people with this condition. Get educated on 5 tips that should improve your mood.

1. Connect with others

Loneliness and depression are often related, so connecting with others can be helpful in alleviating feelings of sadness. Find others who share similar interests and commit to spending time with them and doing activities that you enjoy. You can connect with others through group exercise classes, church groups, or other local events.

Social connections can be helpful to anyone who is feeling down or struggling with depression. One study found that loneliness and social isolation are linked–conclusively proving that social connections are an important intervention for the relief of depression.

2. Don’t use drugs or alcohol

Depression and alcohol or substance abuse often occur together and addiction can start if a person uses these substances for too long. Alcohol, stimulants, and other drugs may provide relief from symptoms of depression, but dependence can gradually form over time. That’s why you should avoid these substances to keep your mental health functioning at its best.

It’s been proven that 80% of individuals with depression also have a substance use disorder. This is because having alcohol or drugs can become a coping mechanism during difficult times. Alcohol and drugs can also cause more social and personal dysfunction in those with this mental health condition. If the individual abstains from drug and alcohol use, they may be able to prevent these consequences and help them make recovery possible.

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3. Exercise

If you’re looking for one quick change that will have an immediate impact on your health and look fantastic in those form-fitting jeans, get up and get moving!

When someone is depressed, exercise can be a great solution that can help improve symptoms and enhance well-being. One study found that high-intensity exercise like HIIT has a significant positive impact on depression, with aerobic and moderate-intensity aerobic exercise doing the same within long-term studies. Cutting out regular physical activity can make things worse, so combining an active lifestyle with your treatment can be beneficial to your health.

Running, biking, or walking at a challenging pace can be especially effective for improving depression because high-intensity exercises have the greatest impact. Attending aerobic exercise classes and taking spinning classes outdoors or swimming can also be beneficial.

4. Sleep well

Many people look for quick fixes for sleep at night, but the honest truth is there are few shortcuts. For best results, use our sleep hygiene tips.

Many people with depression find themselves not being able to sleep. Others sleep excessively. Sleep hygiene for depression includes prioritizing sleep, creating a consistent sleep schedule, and ensuring time for adequate sleep. The National Sleep Foundation recommends young adults and adults get seven to nine hours of sleep per night, while older adults should get seven to eight hours of nightly rest.

5. Take care of yourself

Depression self-care is an important part of the healing process. For example, taking time to bathe and dress nicely can help you feel better and have more confidence in yourself. And it can also help you avoid developing financial problems that make you even sadder. Daily tasks such as checking your mail or paying bills should not be a chore during a depression, so try to do them on a regular basis to make your mood better in the long run.

An important measure for anyone who suffers from depression is to adhere to a balanced diet that provides nutrients for their body. Diet can be especially important for those with depression, as one study found that a healthy diet reduced the risk of it  in women by 29% and 17% in men.

There are many self-help strategies that people can use to help themselves, but sometimes they need more. If you’re struggling with co-existing addiction and depression, Boca Recovery Center has locations in FloridaIndiana, and New Jersey that can give you caring, personal treatment for both of those issues. Call them today to discuss your addiction and depression treatment options.

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